How We Work

Our model of consumer collaboration starts with real, ongoing, ever-growing relationships we create with consumers.

The paths of consumer collaboration are as varied as our clients and their challenges,
and the ideal mix is different for everyone.

Our Unique Approach to Collaboration



A private online community is more than just a website. These partnerships are “always on,” trusted environments where consumers work collaboratively over a period of months, or years. Our communities are strategic tools to help hardwire the consumer to the heart of your decision making.
Catalyst, our innovative technology, ensures security while also providing an inspiring environment to foster engagement. Activities can also be conducted on the go with our new mobile offering.
We are the pioneers in creating communities to deliver profound impact: Our philosophy can be found in The Collaborative Advantage report.

Live and in-person co-creation workshops with your customers, stakeholders and partners to collaborate together across a series of events focused on solving your immediate business challenges.

Let's dive in

Crafting a Customized Solution

We work with you to identify your business needs and challenges, short-term and long-term. Then we craft a customized solution that addresses these needs, creating an overall roadmap to impact. Have specific needs? We've got them covered.

Building consumer relationships

Creating an engaged group of people is vital to successful collaboration. Vibrant consumer participation begins with design – maximizing the happy intersection of what clients want to learn and what consumers want to experience. We spark consumer engagement and build the foundation for a collaborative relationship, providing them the opportunity to voice their opinions and ideas on the brands they love and consume.

We've perfected the art and science of recruiting and are currently collaborating with consumers in 80% of the world’s countries. We’re as comfortable helping you navigate cultural nuances as we are taking the pulse in emerging markets.

  • Reach and recruit your consumers anywhere, anytime
  • Collaborate across 20 languages
  • Moderate in more than one language at a time

Getting Real Results

We take the information and feedback we’ve gathered together into context to create the bigger picture for you. We tell a story about your consumer, their needs and their ideas to make it actionable against your business goals and needs.

And we help you activate these solutions throughout your entire company, ensuring innovations are not just consumer inspired, but co-created for real market success.

Meet consumers
on a whole new level.

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