In their own words 


Ad Council

"Communispace went above and beyond our expectations with the insights delivered from their communities. We are truly grateful for their contribution last year and their collaboration moving forward, which will help our ad agencies develop effective communications programs that make a significant impact."
Tony Foleno, Senior VP-Director of Research



Alberto Culver

“We made our initial commitment to engage in a 360 degree conversation with our consumers in 2007, through a partnership with Communispace. The investment has more than paid back and our communities have been a key strategic tool to help us keep the consumer at the heart of everything we do.” – Pamela Harting, Senior Director Consumer Insights, Alberto Culver 




"Communispace is almost like a dance partner—they know what our next move is."
– Mark Gambill, Chief Marketing Officer with CDW

"Four years ago we started with one community. Now we have 5, and every day we are learning more about our customers that validates or impacts how we do business." – Calvin Vass, Senior Manager of Research with CDW 




"The unique perspectives of our users in the Communispace communities provide us with real time, actionable insights, allowing Elsevier to improve and refine our product offerings to be more relevant to the user and, ultimately, leading to better outcomes for the scientific community." – Juliette Goetzee, Director of Media/Community Engagement, Elsevier 



Gilt Groupe

“The speed with which we were able to design a survey, field it to our community and get the actionable results back was amazing. We had to make critical strategic decisions in a tight timeframe, and community feedback provided us with invaluable information to enhance the decision-making process.” – Tamara Gruzbarg, Senior Director of Analytics and Research, Gilt Groupe 




“It’s converting people to our franchise — we’re seeing the sales. We always knew that advocates were important, but we never knew how important until we were able to activate them within the walls of Costco. It’s our job and our duty to do our best for our consumers and the brand. Consumer safety is our number one priority.”
– Judith Lim, alli Senior Brand Manager

“This community helped GSK build a successful partnership with Costco, and not only changed the way we do business with them, but changed the way they work with other manufacturers.” – Kim Rentler, Shopper Marketing Manager, GlaxoSmithKline




“The community provides us with the ability to continuously tap into our members’ minds to be sure we are meeting their desire for Godiva chocolate. In addition, it was instrumental in getting Gems to market fast so we can stay competitive in the Premium Chocolate category. Our members’ input was crucial to the success of the Gems platform every step of the way, particularly with the foundational insights that helped set our path forward to Godiva becoming a more year-round relevant brand."
– Rich Keller, Global Business Director For The Every Day Godiva Platform 




"Members like and enjoy the experience of being part of an online community. They form bonds of association with others in the groups or with facilitators who work with the groups in a professional way. Members are honest, providing both positive and negative feedback." – Lori Givan, Senior Consumer Research Project Leader with Hallmark



Hewlett Packard

"It's different from traditional research because it doesn't take so long to plan and to get the information back. Within 24 hours, we launch an activity. They [internal teams] will actually have useful information to be able to start working on… there's nothing like that to keep people motivated and excited and working forward. I've had engineers that are blown away by what they get from customers, and those of us who work with customers on a regular basis say that's what it's all about and that's why we have this tool and that's why it's so amazing..." – Tanya Maurer, Customer Experience Program Manager with Hewlett Packard

"A community is a great sounding board and reminder of what is real. Customer attitudes and expectations are always evolving and companies who want to be leaders must really know their customers and deliver what is relevant, important, and compelling. " – Kathy Armstrong, former Vice President of Quality and Process Excellence with Hewlett-Packard




"It really gives us a unique way to stay in touch and be close with consumers. We're on their turf." – Gretchen Waitley, Consumer Insight Manager with Kraft

"...we immediately saw the benefit of having consumers talking with us and with each other around the clock. It enabled us to stay in almost constant touch with our consumers. While Kraft certainly benefits from getting their reactions to new product ideas and the like, the true benefit is developing deeper relationships and the dialogs that result. Our consumers were no longer demographic statistics—they became real people with strong opinions, deep feelings and daily challenges that they were willing to share with us. Knowing our consumers at this level is invaluable in helping us deliver the best possible products and programs to meet their needs."
– Gretchen Waitley, Consumer Insight Manager with Kraft




"We are so fortunate to have this dynamic and insightful group of moms who are at the ready to help us not only during a difficult situation but also ongoing—who open up and share their lives with us in the community so we can continue to create the best products to meet their needs. The community truly is a strategic business asset for us." – Michael Shore, Vice President of Worldwide Consumer Insights at Mattel  




"Through the community we've been able to listen to and connect with real women like never before, and because we are genuinely engaged with them through regular activities as well as listening to conversations that they generate, we know that our members are ready to help us at a moment's notice. They've opened up their personal lives, families and homes to us and we could not be more grateful for their honesty and insights." – Britta C. Ware, Vice President of Research Solutions at Meredith 




the community "gives us the ability to program based on our viewers' wants and needs and to implement change as quickly as the media landscape and our audience demand it. We feel confident that the community's input is going to be key to the success of our many new initiatives. Our members are totally engaged and grateful to have a platform to speak their mind, and we are thrilled to give it to them and to represent their voice. That's something MTV has been dedicated to doing throughout our history." – Allison O'Keefe-Wright, Vice President, MTV Research and Planning 




“Comments from parents and teachers tell the full story. There was no way we could have gotten to this breakthrough without working directly with parents and teachers at every step of the way. We showed them our prototypes. They showed us theirs. They gave us open access to their lives and mindset so that we could truly bridge the gap between what teachers need and what parents want.” – Judy Newman, President of Scholastic Book Clubs




"I liken it to being in a locker room with the guys, that's something I would never be able to do." – Alison Zelen, Director of Consumer & Market Insights with Unilever

"This community is so valuable to me I will fall on a sword for it. We were able to ‘get the guy' in his gut – get an emotional context. The community allowed me to achieve credibility as a market researcher by understanding the customer in-depth and then driving global teams and business partners to make strategic decisions." – Alison Zelen, Director of Consumer & Market Insights with Unilever

"This experience confirms again that Unilever made the right choice to work with Communispace. It truly is a pleasure to work with people as smart, creative and dedicated as your team." – Christyne Dzwierzynski, Senior Consumer & Insight Manager with Unilever